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Jeremy Vargas started Northwest Window Installation in 2005 after working with other contractors for over a decade. He made a company business plan to avoid the pitfalls and deficiencies that he had been through with the other companies that he had been trained by and worked for. Some of his main goals have been to provide a service that offers a total glazing operation for the contractor /owner handling all aspects of there glazing needs.

These efforts will allow for one-stop shopping, making it easier for the contractor/owner to consolidate contracts and save time as well as dollars. Our efforts have been a success over the past five years and we have grown to employ 20 in the growing ranks of our staff.

At NWI, We’re Proud Of Our Employees & Their Skills

The training of our employees continues to be an effort that NWI takes very seriously. We have certified team leads who have received safety training on all lifts and staging needed for the high rise buildings, all the way down to the single family dwelling, as well as the first aid training required by state laws. We also can help design glass systems for buildings utilizing structural engineering and using many different manufacturers required to achieve that special look for the customer. NWI has access to multiple window and door manufactures allowing us to provide a top of the line window or a quality budget window.

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Working with our qualified staff will ensure the completion of your project is as hassle free as possible. Rely on our experience when investing in your property. The completion of your property’s project is just around the corner so the sooner you get in touch with us, the more quickly we can complete your glass glazing and installation work.

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