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We’re proud to provide Washington and Oregon with specialty glass products and installations for any size property and project. Whether you’re looking to choose the glass products you desire for your space, or have a qualified team of experts to install the one’s you’ve already chosen, NWI works with contractors, property management companies, and home owners alike.

Working Together With Your Budget & Any Building Professionals

When you’re looking to improve your property or finish a project, coordinating efforts and multiple contractors throughout the completion of a project can be daunting and frustrating in the least. Don’t waste time acting as the middleman between your contractors. NWI works with general contractors/builders, architects, structural architects and waterproofing engineers to ensure that your glass fits the décor of your property and sufficiently withstands the elements providing you with all the comfort and beauty of home. We understand how important communication, scheduling and delivery of products and their labor is to our customers.

We’re also committed to staying within your allotted budget at NWI. We provide a large inventory of glass products within a broad price range. CLICK HERE to see our contact page or to get in touch with us to review our specialty glass fixtures.

Tired Of Paying Needlessly High Utility Bills?

These days every penny counts as the cost of living (and particularly utilities) is on the rise. Old glass windows and doorframes hemorrhage heat and air conditioning wastefully. When you upgrade and fibergaurd your windows and doors prepare to see your energy savings rack up instantly. In addition to your cost savings in reduced energy bills, investing in your property or installing top-of-the-line, energy efficient windows and doors increases its value. Add the potential savings you enjoy when you ensure your windows and doors are waterproofed from leakages and costly damages, and before you realize it, you’ve achieved a return on your investment with NWI.

Increase Your Curb Appeal

Are you sick of tired, worn-out looking windows, doors and glass in your home? Give your business or house a facelift with an upgrade. We’re here to renovate any space including storefronts and even bathroom mirrors complete with professional glazing and installation. For a complete list of our services, and various ways to give your space a “makeover” CLICK HERE to go to our Services page.

Experienced Work On Your Home Is Available Now

With over 15 years in the window glazing and installation industry, Northwest Window Installation, LLC has perfected professional delivery on client expectations. We look forward to working with you on all your glazing and/or installation needs so e-mail us at jeremy@nwwillc.com or CLICK HERE to visit our Contact page.

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